Yearender 2016


  1. Countries visited: Austria, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, Lebanon, France, Israel, Croatia, Czech Republic (and Disney World, which may as well be a different country)
  2. Bears seen while hiking: Still zero, getting pretty angry about this one.
  3. Significant accomplishments: Leaving Prague and moving back to DC, newfound ability to do pushups (thanks personal trainer!), planning an elaborate internet-themed party, finishing up my Swedish Chef series, overcoming some super stressful shit
  4. Significant arguably good or bad decisions: 4
  5. Ranking of year compared to other years: 2015, 2012, 2016, 2014, 2011, 2013, 2010
  6. A list of some other things: Living with a Shiba Inu, great friends across multiple countries, receiving fun things in the mail (bad TV, sweet art, anonymous vampire erotica), watching friends get married <3, bikes, asking for what you want
  7. Party dresses inspired by TV shows or pop stars purchased: 2
  8. Hopes for next year: Be healthy, create things, literally become a superhero

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